Affiliate Terms

Partner — is a webmaster (an individual who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity) accepts the terms of this document and works to promote the UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program product on the Internet;

Affiliate Program — is a technical marketing platform that provides promotional materials to webmasters to promote UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program product on the Internet;

Product — is a project advertised with promotional materials (betting, casino, trading) on ​​the Internet;

Advertising materials are the tools used by partners to promote Affiliate Program product on the Internet.

Traffic — is a set of players who came as a result of a partner placing advertising materials on the Internet.

Offers — mean the terms and conditions (including restrictions and rewards depending on the tariff and payment model), which together determine the information posted by the Partner (s) in order to promote the product of the Partner Program on the Internet.

Payment models — payment for a certain result of the placement of promotional materials by the Partner on the Internet.

Revenue Share — percentage of the Gross Gaming Revenue. Gross Gaming Revenue consists of the difference in the players' stakes and their winnings and bonuses, minus the administrative fee (10%) and the fee for payments (10%) of the reduced player.

Active player — is a player who regularly returns to the Product, makes deposits (bets) and plays for real money.

Reporting period — the time period during which the accumulation and calculation of money earned by the Partner takes place with a view to the subsequent withdrawal of the latter to external payment systems.

1. Conditions for working with UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program

  • 1.1. When starting to work with UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program, each Partner is obliged to review and accept this User Agreement.
  • 1.2. By participating in the Partner Program, the Partner agrees that this User Agreement may be changed without any prior notice to the Partner.
  • 1.3. The Partner, accepting the terms of the User Agreement, thereby confirms that he is 18 or more years old.
  • 1.4. The Partner is solely responsible for the safety of personal confidential data to enter the UpUpBet Partners Partner Program system (login and password). The Partner Program is not responsible for the loss of personal confidential data by the Partner.
  • 1.5. The UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse to cooperate with one or another Partner without giving reasons.
  • 1.6. Affiliate Program UpUpBet Partners reserves the right to make changes to the Affiliate Program Terms of Service. All documents published on the website of the Program are considered as currently valid. The chronology of changes to the rules of the Partner Program is not maintained.
  • 1.7. The UpUpBet Partners affiliate program reserves the right not to pay the amount of the Partner’s earnings if the Partner brought players who did not meet the minimum quality requirements (for example, multi-accounts - several accounts from one player; more than 5 percent of users requested a refund charge-back. In addition, if we find unusual behavior of the players (a high percentage of players who do not return to the site; or less than 50 percent of repeated deposits one by one affiliate profit can be calculated using the Revenue Share model. Turnover requirements are x3 times (amount of interest = deposit amount x3). UpUpBet Partners affiliate program reserves the right to change the partner’s financial balance if the player referenced by Partner’s link was suspected of fraudulent actions against UpUpBet Product.
  • 1.8. Members of the Partnership Program are prohibited from having accounts in Product registered as a result of their placement of promotional materials. If such situations are detected, both the Partner’s account and the player’s account in the Product are blocked with a full debit. This rule applies equally to people who are personally acquainted with a partner.
  • 1.9. Members of the Affiliate Program are prohibited from using the cookie stuffing, namely, cookies for the UpUpBet brand.
  • 1.10. UpUpBet Partners affiliate program reserves the right to block the affiliate account in case of detection of motivated traffic, aimed at circumventing the rules of UpUpBet product.
  • 1.11. Affiliate program provides unique promotional materials including links. Each Partner independently checks the performance of its links and the correctness of displaying additional parameters in its personal account. UpUpBet platform will not be able to track players referenced by the Partner if their links are inactive.
  • 1.12. The Postclick period stores cookies for the past 30 days. After this period, your settings will be erased.
  • 1.13. According to the provisions of this affiliate program, it is prohibited to register as a Referral if you already have a valid partner account or if you are a Referrer of a partner account owned by a natural or legal person that you lead or have access to. Members of the Partnership Program are prohibited from having two or more affiliate accounts in the UpUpBet Partners affiliate program. If there is a need to operate with two or more accounts in the affiliate program, the partner is obliged to notify the support service and provide objective justifications for such a need.
  • 1.14. The UpUpBet Partners affiliate program reserves the right to request from the Partner sources of traffic on which the Partner advertises Product. If the Partner refuses to provide these sources, the affiliate program reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the Partner.
  • 1.15. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to block payments to the Affiliate, if the administration of the Affiliate Program has reason to believe that the Affiliate has violated the rules for working with the Affiliate Program. Payments can be blocked for any period until clarification of circumstances. According to the results of the verification, if violations of the terms of cooperation are revealed, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to block the partner’s account without prior notice.
  • 1.16. In case of systematic use of obscene language or abuse of support service employees in appeals, the affiliate program reserves the right to indefinitely deny the partner any further online support or terminate cooperation with the subsequent blocking of the account and resetting the partner balance.
  • 1.17. Correspondence and personal communication with the administration, affiliate manager or affiliate program support service is considered classified information. Affiliate program participants are prohibited from providing and making available to the public, public display, providing third parties with the opportunity to view / listen to secret information (or fragments thereof). In case of violation of this rule, the affiliate program reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the subsequent blocking of the account and resetting the partner balance.
  • 1.18. It is forbidden to use images / photographs of politicians and political topics in advertising materials, if such promotional materials are found, the Partner’s account will be blocked.
  • 1.19. It is forbidden to use the content of other brands, including text, layout and design, to promote the UpUpBet brand (SEO sites). It is forbidden to use clones of websites of webmasters who have entered the top, using bugs and vulnerabilities of the search network. if such violations are found, the partner’s account will be blocked.
  • 1.20. Before starting work, as well as at the request of the Program, the Partner undertakes to provide information about advertising and materials planned to use for advertising Product, including but not limited to: links to advertising websites, graphic content, banners, teasers, texts, videos and other information related to the advertising of the Product carried out by the Partner. In case of the placement is carried out on third parties’ media, the Partner undertakes to provide objective data supporting such advertising, including but not limited to: screenshots of statistics of third-party advertising cabinets, screenshots of previews of advertising materials, technical data on placement, etc. If the Partner refuses to provide such objective data, then the Program reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the Partner without paying remuneration.

In the case of violation of the current terms and conditions of cooperation, the Affiliate Program reserves the right to close the Partner’s personal account in the UpUpBet Partners system without subsequent payment of funds and explanation of the reasons for blocking.

2. Affiliate commission structure

  • 2.1. The Partner’s earnings are formed at the expense of the share of the product’s net income from the players listed by this Partner. The percentage of Partner’s income depends on the offer and personal tariff and Product:
    • up to 60% commission players from the Casino project;
    • up to 60% commission players from the Sport project;
  • The Referral Affiliate Program UpUpBet also provides for Partners (Referrer) remuneration of 3% of all profits received from new Partners (Referrals) attracted through Referrer's referral link.

3. The terms of settlements with Partners

  • 3.1. The balance and reports of the Partner Program operate in a single currency - the calculation of the US dollar.
  • 3.2. The reporting period set by the UpUpBet Partners Affiliate Program is half the calendar month (usually 15 days): from the 1st to the 15th day of the month, and from the 15th to the 30th (31st) day of the month inclusive.
  • 3.3. Payments are made in the first 3 days after the close of the reporting period, if there is a positive balance on the partner’s account.
  • 3.4. Payment details are changed at least 5 business days prior to the end of the current reporting period and the personal manager must be notified about this.
  • 3.5. To make a payment, you must correctly fill in your billing information in the Finance section of the personal account of the Partner Program.
  • 3.6. The term of the delay in the accrual of payments (Hold) is determined by the administration of the Affiliate program at its discretion.
  • 3.7. At this stage, the UpUpBet Partners Partnership Program does not provide for early payment of partnership remuneration. The minimum possible payment from the affiliate account is $15.
  • 3.8. A negative balance is NOT transferred to the next month if the UpUpBet Partners Partner is requesting the possibility to suspend the accrual of commission on users with negative income, in the case of a positive decision by the Administration of the Partner program.
  • 3.9. If money on the Partner’s balance is more than 6 months and is not withdrawn, account payments are blocked and funds are written off. After another 6 months, such an account is removed from the Affiliate Program. If the Partner’s account has been blocked, then after 30 days from the moment of blocking, the balance in the account is reset to zero.
  • 3.10. The UpUpBet Partners affiliate program does not make payments if the webmaster has not brought at least 10 players for the entire time. If the anti-fraud department has a suspicion about the traffic attracted by the webmaster, the affiliate program has the right to raise the qualifications of up to 30 active players attracted for the entire time to receive a payment.

4. Dispute Resolution Procedure

  • 4.1. The procedure for handling disputes:
    • Affiliate program does not accept for consideration and does not consider controversial treatment for lost profits.
    • Affiliate program does not compensate for moral damage.
    • All reports should be sent to
    • The maximum time period for consideration of complaints sent by the Partner is 15-20 business days.
    • If a dispute arises that is not spelled out in this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to make a decision in its sole discretion.
  • 4.2. Consideration of appeals of Partners and resolution of controversial issues:
    • All parties are trying to resolve disputes by negotiation and correspondence. Partner’s applications are accepted by the Partner program for consideration only in written form and no later than three calendar days from the date of the dispute.
    • All appeals of the Partner are considered official and are treated as appeals in writing / form, via e-mail to the relevant services of the Partner Program. Written appeals made with the help of programs of online communicators: Telegrams and other instant messengers are not considered.
    Affiliate's request must contain:
    • Full name;
    • Email address;
    • Account number;
    • Date and time of the dispute;
    • The essence of the appeal.
    Affiliate program has the right to refuse to consider the application in the following cases:
    • if appeals do not meet the conditions listed in this clause of the Agreement;
    • if appeals contain obscene language and / or insults to the Partner Program or its employees;
    • if appeals contain threats to the Partner Program or its employees;
    • if the argument of the Partner is the threat of blackening the image of the Partner program in social networks and other resources.
  • The deadline for consideration of the Partner program by the Partner’s claim is no more than twenty working days from the moment all necessary and sufficient data is received from the Partner related to this claim and necessary for its resolution.
  • In case of any disagreement regarding the operations or the status of the Partner’s account, the parties review the protocols of the Partner’s operations based on the Partner’s data.
  • In the event of a Partner’s violation of any of the points listed above, the Partner Program reserves the right to refuse to cooperate with the Partner.
  • In case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations and correspondence within 3 (three) months from the moment the dispute arose, its further consideration takes place in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus (at the current place of registration of the UpUpBet Partners Partner Program).